Sahara partners with international geotechnical consulting companies to provide on the ground geotechnical services across West Africa. We have purchased the latest geotech drilling units located strategically in West Africa to service our Civil and Mining Clients.

Sahara has 31 Land-cruiser mounted Auger rigs throughout West Africa. This specialist shallow drilling capability (2.5 Million meters drilled to date) has been transferred to Hollow Stem Auger systems used in Geo-technical drilling.

Geotecnical Services include:

  • SPT Drilling - Hollow Stem Auger and Diamond Core.
  • Cone Penetrometer Testing (CPTu) - 100 tonne push/pull units.
  • Installation of Standpipe and Vibrating Wire Piezometers.
  • Trenching and Geotechnical mapping.
  • Oriented diamond Core logging.
  • Geotechnical Drill Supervision.
  • Geotechnical Site Investigations.
  • Laboratories in Ghana and Burkina Faso.

Geotecnical Benefits:

  • Units located in West Africa - Low cost and Quick Mobilisation and Demobilisation.
  • Supported by international geotechnical groups.
  • Locally operated with international quality services.
  • English and French speaking field teams.

Geotecnical Applications:

  • Pit wall / Mine design.
  • Tailings Dam design and safety inspections.
  • Infrastructure (rail, buildings, bridges, plant, hydro).
  • Foundation design.
  • Excavations and embarkments.
  • Erosion control.
  • Geological hazard assessment.
  • Terrain stability analysis.
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Our Geotechnical Services Expert

Godwin Commey

Godwin Commey

Geotechnical Manager
Godwin is a Geological Engineer and certified Project Manager with over ten years of experience working throughout West and Central Africa.

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