Sahara prides itself as the CHEAPEST, QUICKEST and most EFFECTIVE GOLD MINE FINDER in West Africa.

We are Africa's top 30 meter specialists and the biggest Auger operator on the continent with over 2.5 Million meters drilled.

  • Auger - 31 Land Crusier mounted Auger Rigs (30 meters capacity)
  • Small Aircore / RAB rig - < 60 meters capacity
  • Drilling /Operational Audits and Mentoring
  • 7 Man-Portable Units
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Gold Mines Discovered by AUGER Geochemistry

Sahara have 31 Land Cruiser mounted Augers (Along with additional man-portable units) and is firmly established as Africa’s largest Auger operator and regolith geochemistry specialists.

Auger Geochemistry was introduced into West Africa by Sahara Management in 2005, and has been responsible for the rapid discovery of multiple gold projects across West Africa, including:

  • Centamin’s  Konkera Project (Resource - 3.2 million ounces @ 1.7g/t Au) and
  • Semafo’s Siou Mine (Reserve - 980,000 ounces @ 4.37g/t Au).

The benefit of Auger is that it allows for an untransported geochemistry sample to be taken below the 5 meters + of laterite cover.

A typical Auger Geochemistry survey includes

  • GRID - 200m lines by 50m spaced holes
  • SAMPLE - Once sample taken below the transported material (B or C horizon or interface between hroizons- cleints preference varies)

RESULT - less than 10% of the traditional exploration budget required to discovery and RC resource drillout. Traditional path was - hand Soils (often transported) then RAB/Aircore - (expensive)

Largest Auger operator in Africa > 2.5 Million meters

Sahara has officially reached 2.5 MILLION METERS of Auger drilled in West Africa.

This is an impressive achievement in less than 5 years of operation, that all members of the Sahara TEAM are proud of.

Sahara is the Largest Auger operator in all of AFRICA

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Heta Mann

Heta Mann

Technical Adviser – Operations
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