How We Started

Sahara Mining was established in 2010 based on the model of  the highly successful international mining consulting group RSG Global.

RSG Global was formed through the merger of Resource Service Group ( RSG ) and Global Mining Services (GMS) in 2002.  RSG was established out of Kalgoorlie by industry legends Dr Julian Barnes and Rick Yeates in the early 1980's.  GMS (Also Kalgoorlie origin) was one of the first mining consulting groups formed in the world by Mr Alex Black.

RSG Global had expanded its operations into all mining regions of the world, operating from a head office in Perth, Western Australia, with branch offices in Accra, Johannesburg and Lima, as well as Eastern Europe before it merged with Coffey International in 2007 to form Coffey Mining.

In July 2015, Sahara announced it had acquired Coffey Mining – Ghana assets (Established by RSG in 1996) . With the acquisition, Sahara employed the remaining Ghana staff  (including Francis Cudjoe, Senior geological technician, who was employed with RSG in 1996)  Sahara has retained over 20 years of mining experience in West Africa.

Sahara prides itself as "on the ground operators" that have taken key West African mines from grass roots discovery through to mine closure.  Our key people are based in West Africa and are supported by some of the worlds most respected and competent mining consultants.